We often talk about the various parts of life--family, church, work, friends, and recreation--in terms of departments, compartments or silos.  When we do this we may fail to see and experience the unifying thread of God at work in every aspect of our life. 


Living an integrated life starts with recognizing that God cares about every aspect of our life. We recognize that He is involved in every facet and connects every part. There is no dis-integration where God is at work and His work is especially seen as he works within us and within our relationships (1 John 4:12).


Transformation comes from seeing and experiencing God (Father, Son and Spirit) at work in our lives, in every relationship and activity. As we experience more of his unifying work in our lives we come to realize that He has uniquely designed, gifted, and prepared us to live out his call. He has prepared us to be Marketplace Ambassadors.  


Because God treasures people we exercise great care in our relationships as we experience His truth, love, and grace together. One of the most valuable resources God has given us is time, and because we understand His priorities, we start with our relationship with Him. Everything else flows from that: our relationships with my spouse and family, and my relationship with others.


Living out God's unique design and calling is the most rewarding and exciting way to live. With my priorities set on eternal things, work as unto the Lord, cherishing people and experiencing God’s transformational power.