Attribute 7: Applying Biblical principles in all areas of my life

As one who desires to be an effective Marketplace Ambassador we see the importance of applying biblical principles in all areas of our lives, especially the workplace where we spend the majority of our time and have the majority of our relationships. Studies by Gallup, Barna, and others report an indiscernible difference between how the churched and unchurched behave at work1.  

Attribute 4: Helping others grow spiritually through life-on-life discipleship

As a businessman we can go through very turbulent periods in our lives, business and/or personal. At those times when we might trust no one...Yet God may provide us with a brother, or you may be the brother, called to take the time to build a relationship of trust based on genuine care. It’s a process that is called life-on-life discipleship. During this process CBMC provides a study called Operation Timothy. It can plant a seed in someone’s life that can change them for eternity. It can lead someone to a relationship with Jesus Christ and start them on a journey of spiritual growth.