As one who desires to be an effective Marketplace Ambassador we see the importance of applying biblical principles in all areas of our lives, especially the workplace where we spend the majority of our time and have the majority of our relationships. Studies by Gallup, Barna, and others report an indiscernible difference between how the churched and unchurched behave at work1.  

 In his book Monday Morning Atheist, Doug Spada puts it this way, "On Sunday we see the world through a spiritual lens, but when we get ready to work on Monday, our behavior all too often can't be distinguished from anyone else's.  We claim to have seen the light, but many of us stumble around in the darkness the entire time our coworkers see us at work. This contradiction has done immeasurable harm to the reputation of God's character and love."

 If our actions are no different than those who are undecided about Jesus Christ how can we expect them to seriously consider following the one we claim changes lives?

 But, there are reasons beyond our witness for Christ that lead us to pursue biblical living. In a few words, it's the best way to live. The Bible is God's guide to living well. It addresses every area of life with God's wisdom and perfect perspective.  As we apply its principles to all areas of life we are, in a very real way, bringing God into those areas and acknowledging his sovereign reign over them.  

The key to applying biblical principles in all areas of life is in developing a mature biblical worldview. Biblical values and biblical behaviors flow from having a biblical worldview resulting in a life well lived that directs others to Christ.