Imagine you’ve hired a contractor to build an addition on your home. He has a reputation for superior work, innovation, and impeccable honesty. Early Monday morning you open the door and are shocked to see Jesus and crew standing there, tool bags in hand. He delights in the stunned look on your face. Without delay they passionately dive into their work as if crafting for a king; materials yield to their well-honed skills. Jesus patiently coaches his apprentices as they eagerly learn from their master craftsman.   

When the job is complete, Jesus and his crew joyfully stand back and, well satisfied, Jesus proclaims, “Good!” Every stone and fitted joint says, “Well done” and speaks to hearts and hands that are dedicated to the continual pursuit of excellence. You pay him, humbly aware that you could never compensate him enough for what he’s done.  

Here is another story from a Brother In Christ:

 The deadline loomed and I was not even close to meeting it. Tempted to make excuses, I had none to make. My inadequate planning and poor execution had put this nationally recognized furniture designer (and my mentor) in an awkward position with his customer. He was well known and respected for delivering superior work in a timely fashion and I had put his reputation at risk.  I let him down and compromised a standard of excellence and integrity that was important to both of us. 

 Thankfully my apology and repentance was met with forgiveness. God made it clear to me that part of my job was to help him succeed. So the next thing for me to do was to earn back his trust. I decided I would do everything I could to provide superior work in a timely fashion from that point forward. And with the Lord’s help and some necessary all-nighters I have met my commitment and helped him succeed. 

 That lesson was a turning point for me, personally and professionally, and as a result our shop developed a reputation for delivering excellent work ahead of time. These achievements helped us become an exclusive resource and both of our shops have thrived. Although he remains distant from Christ, his heart seems to have softened over the years. I continue to pray for his salvation and view my role in his life as an Ambassador for Christ. With gratitude to God, my life remains a testimony to him and others.